What to Expect During Your Project

Site Visit (Walkthrough)


Soon after you sign your contract, we will set up a time to visit your home and walk through the selection sheet.  This allows us to begin purchasing materials and to foresee any possible obstacles in our way.  It also gives both the designer and the builder a chance to listen to any new concerns you may have and give you feedback.

Prep for Demolition


Before we begin, please look through the project site and be sure to remove anything you wish to save.  If there is something that you want us to remove for future use, please let us know during the walkthrough, or latest when the demolition team arrives.  They are efficient and quick, we’d hate for you to lose something of value.

Demolition Day


One of our project managers will be on site to confirm the scope of the demolition and to ensure the dust barriers have been set.  If the demo requires a dumpster, it may arrive the day before.



  You may notice the large plastic walls we put up  at the beginning of your project. They  will keep most of the dust and debris out of your living space. Understand there may still be dust that  makes its way through the barrier and into your home. Please contact us as soon as possible if one  of these barriers is compromised. 

The Installation Crew


After the demolition team is finished, our crew will arrive to begin the construction project.  They are friendly, experienced, and are happy to answer any question you may have.  They will usually arrive between 8:30-9:00am and remain on site until 4:30-5:00pm. The project manager is available during work hours for text, phone call, and if necessary a site visit.



It can be incessant. Whining saws, scratching Sheetrock sanders and thumping nail guns followed by bellowing compressors: in short, little peace or quiet. We work during normal business hours, so if you work from home, you may be near the construction zone. 

Decision, Decisions


  Where should we place that sconce? How high do you want the showerhead? Where do you want the cabinet hardware mounted? Oil-rubbed bronze or chrome or brushed nickel or satin nickel? Is your head spinning yet? Count on hundreds of questions that you’ll need to answer before your project begins. As your project proceeds, we are here to listen and advise but ultimately the decision falls on the homeowner. We thank you for making us your first and most important decision!

The Highs


  For one homeowner, the highs of the project may include the demolition of the ugly vinyl floors in your kitchen. For another it may be the installation of the carefully selected backsplash tile. Others still may feel elated only when they see Sheetrock go in or get to relax when their project is completely done. As we work through your project, you will find moments where your spirits soar at the completion of a part of the project.

The Lows


Perhaps you’re tired of answering so many questions and writing so many checks. Or you may just be tired of having so many people in your house. Or you are impatient to show off your new space. You want to be DONE. Hang in there — remodeling fatigue will be short lived when you get to move back into your newly recreated space. 

Change Orders Part 1: Expect The Unexpected


If you expect anything, expect this: demolition uncovers unseen issues.

Irregular framing, jerry-rigged (jury-rigged?) wiring, funny plumbing and more unanticipated surprises are bound to arise once demolition begins. These issues must be fixed for the safety of your home and compliance to city or town code. Prepare for the unexpected in your budget and your time frame, and you will be not be surprised when it happens. We document and explain all change orders that occur due to unforeseen circumstances.

Change Orders Part 2: Inspiration!


As the project moves along you may be struck by a new idea, adding work to the project or upgrading materials.  Your burst of inspiration becomes a client generated change order.  The change order is how we document any new and changed work, along with added or reduced cost. Most often change orders occur when the client has decided to add to or change the scope of the project.  We will always confirm with you before we execute the order.




We will be begin working from a schedule that assumes no delays. But snow falls, people get sick, and cars break down. Sometimes cabinets ordered from the factory take 10 weeks instead of six. With all delays and shortfalls in expectation, communication is key.

Knowing that there may be delays will allow you to be resilient when your schedule shifts a bit. We will let you know as soon as possible when we know there will be a change in schedule, delivery, or installation. 

The Punchlist


As we near the end, we will go through the project and create a punch-list of last details to finish before we hand your home back to you. Please expect a few punch-list items to take longer to resolve than anything else. It may be a light fixture that arrives broken or the very last two pieces of tile. The important thing is to get the final details right, even if they take a little longer. Again, we will be in communication with you to arrange for the work around your schedule.



After the initial deposit, we will be asking for payments to be spread out over the course of the project at contractually specified intervals. Providing your email address will allow us to send you detailed invoices for each stage of the project. If you have any questions, we can provide detailed statements regarding all invoices and payments.

The Spotlight


Over the course of the project, we ask for the opportunity to take pictures of your kitchen or bathroom for our website and social media presence. After the project is complete we may ask your permission for a professional shoot.  We are happy to provide copies of these images at your request.